Armagnac Ravignan

Producteurs d'Armagnac depuis 1732.


Le Domaine de Ravignan

Owner harvesting, the Ravignan family perpetuates for nearly 3 centuries the methods of elaboration of Armagnac. The estate of Chateau de Ravignan is located in Bas-Armagnac, an exceptional terroir famous for providing the best of the appellation. The Ravignan family has always remained faithful to the demands of quality and the maintenance of the great tradition of this famous eau-de-vie which is Armagnac. We age our brandy at least ten or twelve years in barrels, so that they take their beautiful golden robe, and acquire the flavors and rancio so appreciated by connoisseurs.

The vineyard of Château de Ravignan is entirely located in Bas-Armagnac, exceptional terroir recognized by the most knowledgeable amateurs of this famous eau-de-vie.
Its production is attested in Ravignan for almost 3 centuries. Faithful to the tradition, the Ravignan assume the complete development of the product, from the vine to the harvest, the oaks destined for the barrels to the distillation, the aging in the cellars to the marketing. Floc de Gascogne, Armafizz or Raspberries with Armagnac complete a whole range marked by the "Country of the Good Life".

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The flavor of time ...

Even if five years are enough for a brandy, DOMAINE DE RAVIGNAN only sells its vintages from ten to twelve years old.
Our ARMAGNACS are sold between 42 ° and 44 °, which does not surprise the true amateur.

These requirements explain their success and regular sales rely on a large stock of cellars.
The ARMAGNACS RAVIGNAN have the rancio so popular with brandy having aged at least twelve years in casks.

The RAVIGNAN family has developed over the ages its production: the delicious FRAMBOISES À L'ARMAGNAC, developed according to a family recipe, the FLOC DE GASCOGNE, traditional appetizer of the region and the ARMAFIZZ, specially prepared for long drinks and cocktails..

BAS-ARMAGNAC: land and exceptional culture

The vineyard of CHÂTEAU DE RAVIGNAN is entirely located in BAS-ARMAGNAC, a proud and secret region between the Landes forest and the first hills of the Gers.

Several natural and cultural peculiarities distinguish this exceptional terroir: the light soils of tawny sands favor the cultivation of the vine, where the wine draws some of its most delicate perfumes; the woods of the pedunculate oaks from which barrels and pieces are extracted, which contribute to the alchemy of the aging of Armagnac; the maintenance of the regional grape varieties finally, Folle blanche, Bacco, Colombard and Ugni-blanc, from which one draws this water of famous life.

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Harvesting, distillation and brewing at DOMAINE

The RAVIGNAN family, the harvesting owner, assumes full responsibility for its product, raised and sent directly from its cellars, and meeting the very strict requirements of one of the strictest regulations: vinification and distillation entirely made on the premises of production and aging in oak pieces of the Armagnac forest.

Already known to the Romans and exported from the Middle Ages to the countries of Northern Europe, then improved in the 19 th century by means of a specific method, the distillation reached an exceptional level of quality thanks to a small number of owners resolved.

From our traditional grape varieties and of rather low degree, the white wine is "burned" during the winter following the harvest: the distillation is carried out continuously, the method producing in a single heater a brandy grading 52 ° in bouquet already rich, with a liter of alcohol for 5 to 7 liters of wine.

Put in rooms where the slow aging is accomplished, ARMAGNAC RAVIGNAN loses fire, evaporation reaching up to 20% in ten years (what is called the "share of angels"). It gradually takes on its beautiful golden color and its incomparable bouquet, where prune aromas are particularly distinguished.

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