On the side of angels… 


The commentated visit of the cellars enables us to evoke the story
and making of Armagnac, and discover the various products offered.

Acknowledged by the Romans, the Armagnac brandy was already exported to Northern Europe at the end of the Middel Ages.
Improved in the 19th century by a specific distillation method, it has, in the last 50 years, reached an exceptional standard
thanks to a small number of land owners determined to apply the most severe regulations possible.

Stemming from the traditional vines, with also a low proof, the white wine is “burnt” in the winter following the grape harwest.
The distillation, conducted continuously, produces in a single heating a brandy of 52°: 5 to 7 litres of wine give one litre of "Blanche".

This new brandy is then put in the cellars in newly made oak kegs where the slow ageing work is accomplished.
It loses its fire, with the evaporation reaching up to 20% in ten years, what we call “the part of the angels”.

The cellar can be visited every day except Tuesday.

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