A Bas-Armagnac made by the owners according to the traditional methods:
During the winter following the grape harwest, the newly distilled vintage is put in new spirit keg
made in oak wood from the property's trees. Brandy and wood will go on ageing together
for at least twelve years, under the winery cellar master's supervision.
6 to 7 vintages having spent 12 to 30 years in barrels are chosen each year.
Besides their age, they each have their own originality, with their zest, flavour and particular fragance:
vanilla, violet, prune, hazel, or even the great "rancio"…
Taste the "Château de Ravignan" in small quantities, in a brandy glass,
warmed for a long time in the hollow of your hand, in order to really appreciate it
with your eyes, your nose and your taste… and muse.

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